What to Expect

  • First time visitors to Lake Bowen can expect a friendly environment in which we strive to honor God by loving others.
  • Dress is mainly ‘business’ casual, although you will probably notice both suits and flip-flops (probably not on the same person, however).
  • Our music is blended, as we strive to facilitate worship with the latest praise choruses while still utilizing the classic hymns of our faith.
  • In worship, we are all participants before an Audience of One. We are not here to entertain.
  • Our pastor’s sermons are relevant and current because they are passionately and expertly rooted in the Word of God.
  • Visitors can also expect a caring environment in which their children, from birth to grade-school, can learn about God and have fun doing it.
  • Oh, and you can also expect a complimentary drink from our Coffee Shop.